An Interview with Bred2Shred

Trips for Kids Marin recently sat down with Haden Ongaro, keyboardist and band manager of Bred2Shred in anticipation of our Trips for Kids Marin’s 30th anniversary gala in October, in which they are headlining. The purpose of this interview was to learn about the band and discover why they are so passionate about helping kids through their music, having performed at last year’s Moving Kids Forward Musical benefit, as well as, our upcoming celebration.

20170909-_MG_3243 (3).jpg

Bred2Shred performing at Moving Kids Forward in 2017

Haden, how long have you been involved with the Moving Kids Forward team?

I was one of the founders going back 3+ years ago.

Why do you support Trips for Kids Marin, what about our work speaks to you?

Anything that promotes kids to be outdoors and active is positive. Trips for Kids Marin takes it a step further by introducing disadvantaged kids to a passion of mine, mountain biking. Being on trails and seeing sights and beauty you would not otherwise witness is life changing. The feeling after a challenging ride is unparalleled. Bicycling combines so many things lacking in our everyday lives, such as getting outside and experience the wonders of nature and the incredible place we live.


Bred2Shred pose for a photo at Moving Kids Forward.

Your band Bred2Shred is our featured musical guests for our 30th-anniversary gala; can you tell us about the origins of your group and the name?  

The origins of the group begin with a bet when taking piano lessons at our company Christmas party. I told my piano teacher, Taylor Cutcomb, thinking it would force me to practice more to play a song in front of my office. Fear of failure is a powerful thing. Taylor took ten steps further by invited some of his favorite musician friends who play together regularly around the Bay Area. Bred2Shred is a term I use when thinking of another passion of mine skiing, “born to ski.” The idea behind the phrase is to pursue your passion aggressively. For me, this manifested into a goal of continuing to play music and to join a band.

What kind/type of music do you play?

We play a wide variety of rock, blues, and funk. Covers of my favorite songs growing up paying tribute to some local bands such as Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone, Bonnie Raitt, Credence Clearwater and others.


Bred2Shred’s lead singer, Cathleen Riddley.

Who are the other members of your band?

Bred2Shed combines some of the most sought-after Marin County musicians, including members of the highly acclaimed band Vinyl, lead singer Cathleen Riddley and Aaron Saul on alto saxophone. Drummer extraordinaire, Michael Pinkman from Peter Rowand’s Big Twang Theory and the Oakland Symphony. Taylor Cutcomb formerly with the Eric Martin Band and Matt Buehner lead guitar, previously in Glendale Philharmonic, Through the Roots and PlayFish.

Anything you want our supporters to know regarding why your involved with this cause?  

The more I learn about Trips for Kids Marin, the more I am impressed with the organization, and it causes. Having a 30 year legacy in the nonprofit world speaks to the organization’s impact, and the work of an incredible group of executives, volunteer, and supporters. Seeing the video played at the Moving Kids Forward benefit event was especially moving. I am honored to support such a well run organization.



A lively crowd dancing to Bred2Shred’s music.


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