30 Years of Kid Pedal-Power and Counting

30th Anniversary Gala Recap

On the evening of October 19, 2018, nearly 200 guests packed the Mill Valley Community Center for a festive gala in celebration of Trips for Kids Marin’s 30th Anniversary. The evening featured a silent auction, presentation MC’d by Doug McConnell of Bay Area BackRoads and OpenRoad, live auction led by Greg Sherwood (a.k.a. The KQED Pledge Guy), and live music from Bred2Shred with dancing. Catering was provided by Graham Gathright, Chez Gautier Cooking School, as well as, chips and guacamole donated by Marinitas, wine donated by Rusted Lyre Vineyards, beer donated by Iron Springs, coffee from Equator and sparkling water from Purity Organic.

Your Impact

In total, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we successfully raised over $50,000 at the gala which will go to providing more biking programs to Bay Area youth in 2019. We are so grateful for everyone involved in hosting this fundraiser including staff, volunteers, board members, sponsors, donors, and partnering agencies. Thank you all for your contributions towards getting #morekidsonbikes! Cheers to 30 more wonderful years of transformation to come.

Special Thanks to Our Great Sponsors

Emerald Sponsor $30,000

Gold Sponsor $10,000

  • Dino Ghilotti Foundation

Diamond Sponsor $2,500

Bronze Sponsor $1,000

Ruby Sponsor $500

Gala Highlights

In case you missed our gala, please check out the videos we prepared for the occasion.

A Glimpse Inside Trips for Kids Marin

Tools for Change: An Interview with Jim Gloystein

Here are some of our favorite photos from the evening.


Trips for Kids Marin vans mark the entrance to the gala.


Guest registration and check-in.


A bounty of silent auction items to bid on.


Auction items included vacation packages, family activities, luxury goodies, and tasty treats.


The Cascade room dressed up for the occasion.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 1 of 36

Thanks to our crafty volunteers; our centerpieces were gorgeous!

Trips for Kids 2018 - 9 of 36

Bidding gets underway.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 8 of 36

Doug McConnell greeting guests.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 6 of 36

Photo time.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 10 of 36

Great conversations and camaraderie.


Delicious food from Chef Graham Gathright.


Delicious food from Chef Graham Gathright.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 11 of 36

Doug McConnell gets the evening started with a warm introduction.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 14 of 36

Board President, Chuck Lesem and Board Director, Erika Cramer presenting on behalf of Trips for Kids Marin.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 18 of 36

Former Trail Rides participant, Veneé McGee shared her heartwarming story of the impact Trips for Kids Marin has had on her life.

An excerpt from Veneé McGee’s gala speech:

“Trips for Kids Marin was how I formed my confidence and determined my identity!” Being invited back after 17 years since my last participation with Trips for Kids Marin to speak at the 30th Anniversary Gala has been another stone on my journey for me to lay as growth. Thanks to Trips for Kids Marin 10 year old Veneé felt seen and heard which at that age was something I struggled with immensely. “My buddy stands by my side, aiding me with her strength and determination.” It’s so refreshing to see how Trips for Kids Marin continues to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive. I look forward to a  future of many more bike rides!!

Trips for Kids 2018 - 21 of 36

Board Director, Rafael Avendano speaking to the crowd.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 20 of 36

A packed room thanks to all who showed up in support.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 22 of 36

Trips for Kids Marin founder, Marilyn Price shares her gratitude.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 24 of 36

Live Auction lead by Greg Sherwood included a Public Bike donated by Mike’s Bikes.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 27 of 36

Sari Lesem (left), Chuck Lesem, Board President (center) and Greg Sherwood (right)

Trips for Kids 2018 - 28 of 36

Group photo opportunity with (from left to right) Check Lesem, Adam Smith, Marilyn Price, Veneé McGee, and Stephan Schlenker.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 29 of 36

Trips for Kids 2018 - 30 of 36

Trips for Kids 2018 - 31 of 36

Linda Lesem (right) and Erika Cramer (left) dancing to Bred2Shred.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 32 of 36

Thanks for your support First Republic Bank.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 33 of 36

Busting a move to Bred2Shred.

Trips for Kids 2018 - 35 of 36

It certainly was a fun evening!

Trips for Kids 2018 - 36 of 36

Trips for Kids 2018 - 4 of 36

Trips for Kids 2018 - 5 of 36

To learn more about Trips for Kids Marin or to make a donation in honor of our 30th celebration please visit our website.

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