Build-a-Bike: Filling a Critical Need Through Teamwork

Bikes Change Lives

Have you ever wondered how many bikes it takes to keep our kid pedal-powered programs going? The answer: a lot.

Trips for Kids Marin maintains a fleet of 75 mountain bikes which get ridden by over 1,600 kids on an average of 160 rides per year! Bicycles are the vehicle we use to help kids explore and appreciate the natural world while developing positive self-esteem, learning safe cycling skills and experiencing the benefits of exercise. Many of our youth are exploring their local parks and open spaces for the very first time on our rides.

Getting ready to build bikes!

A Program for Companies to Give Back

Unlike our regular youth programs, Build-a-Bike is a corporate team building event just for adults. Accommodating up to 12 people, the Build-a-Bike program is a fun and challenging day of working together to accomplish a common goal for a great cause. After arriving in the morning to a team building icebreaker game, the group is guided step-by-step by our expert mechanics through the process of building a new bike straight out of the box. No previous mechanical experience is necessary, and with teamwork and some elbow grease, success is guaranteed. 

Learning the ins and outs of bike assembly with hands on teamwork.

A Unique Team Building Experience

Along with the fun the bikes provide, they endure a lot of wear and tear from our beginner riders which means a lot of time and resources spent on their maintenance. Eventually, the bikes reach the end of their useful life, so we replace them with 5-10 new bikes every year. This year we are excited to announce a new program to help us keep our fleet rolling with new bikes – the Build-a-Bike program.

Having fun along the way.
The new fleet bikes ready to roll thanks to our volunteers.

After the bikes have been successfully built, it’s time for the team to get to experience the same thrill and joy our kids do with a beginner trail ride in China Camp State Park. Under the instruction and guidance of our master Ride Leaders, the team will practice the fundamental skills needed to complete the journey to the scenic and historic fishing village six gently meandering miles away. To celebrate the accomplishment of finishing the day’s ride, the team will relax by the bay with hors-d’oeuvres and refreshments. A final closing reflection will bring the experience full-circle on a job well done. 

Riding in China Camp State Park
Taking in the views over snacks after a constructive day together.

You Can Participate 

With your help, our kids will soon be riding new bikes that will help us continue our mission of providing transformational cycling experiences for underserved youth.             

Closing circle, a chance to reflect and share accomplishments.

Hear what one Build-a-Bike participant said of her experience: 

“As a lover of cycling..and an adult with means, for me to experience such joy, closeness to nature, friends/coworkers on a mountain bike ride with your organization, imagine how the impact would be magnified in the kids the TFK Marin serves. I finally understood what is meant by your “transformational youth experiences” – Ashley Williams, Fremont Group

Want to Bring Build-a-Bike to Your Organization?

Contact Megan Wayne, Trips for Kids Marin Development and Volunteer Coordinator, to learn more.

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