By Bec Detrich
Executive Director, Trips for Kids Marin

Dear Trips for Kids Marin Family, 
Did you know that for 30 weeks during the school year our dedicated staff meets with the same Marin City kids to teach them how to ride bikes, get them moving outside, and introduce them to basic bicycle mechanics? 

Did you know that among the hundreds of Bay Area kids from underserved communities we take on cycling trips along the coast every year there are dozens who are experiencing the ocean for the very first time?

Did you know that this year 70% of kids who completed our six-week Earn-A-Bike mechanics program chose to come back and participate in our advanced offerings?

For 32 years Trips for Kids Marin’s mission has never wavered: To connect kids to the natural world, help build self esteem, and introduce healthy lifestyle choices through a basic-yet-brilliant tool — the bicycle. 

Three decades since Trips for Kids Marin’s founding our work is more important than ever. Kids are experiencing a growing disconnect from nature resulting in less outdoor playtime than ever before. Childhood obesity continues to be a challenge, particularly in low-income communities, while some young people lack resilience when life challenges arise.

There are many negative forces looming over kids today, especially those from underserved and/or disadvantaged communities. But as we have been since 1986, Trips for Kids Marin is committed to using the bicycle as a tool to improve the lives of Bay Area kids. We are believers in the power of the bicycle to get kids outside, moving and observing the natural world while also challenging them to master technical riding and mechanical skills.
And as much as we are on a mission, we are also grateful to be in a position to get kids on bikes. It is gratifying to introduce young people to the freedom and joy that cycling can bring. We are so fortunate to see kids smiling as they race down dirt tracks, to watch kids push themselves physically as they peddle up challenging hills, and observe kids with furrowed brows as they work through fixing chains and flat tires. 

We get to experience how the simple bicycle opens up new worlds and realities for kids. 

Trips for Kids Marin
I am grateful for the opportunity this year to have joined Trips for Kids Marin as the Executive Director and to witness the value of our core offerings. With two decades of program management experience, I am committed to growing the reach and impact of Trips for Kids Marin for decades to come.  

Like many of you, I understand the freedom, power, joy, and thrill biking brings. 

I am so grateful to spend my days working towards providing those opportunities to kids in our community who might not otherwise have the chance to ride or have their own bikes. 

As the year comes to a close I would ask your consideration in contributing generously so we can get more kids moving in nature, build healthy lifestyles and sow self-worth. 

Your investment of $5, $500, $5,000 or more will allow us to bring more kids into our mechanics programs, will allow us to work with more kids at their schools, and will get more kids on trails in the Bay Area’s open spaces. 

Each dollar makes a differenceEach dollar has an impact. Thank you for your investment, and thank you from the kids themselves who feel “strong,” “powerful,” “free,” and “adventurous” when they ride.

With deep appreciation,
Bec Detrich, Executive Director, Trips for Kids Marin

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